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We have a mission with our turntables...

  • To bring the superior musicality and sound quality,  typical for the ”High-End Idler Drive” turntable decks, to a reality 

  • To surpress the typical ”Idler Drive Turntable” disadvantages  to a minimum 

This is achieved by the following principals and constructional solutions: 

  • Elimination of plinth resonances through an open skeletal plinth construction

  • Absorbtion of motor vibrations (the main source of the ”idler-rumble”)  by use of a massive 30mm thick granite upper plinth

  • Separation of motor and tone-arm from each other

  • Tone-arm mounted on a separate massive 40mm lower wooden plinth

  • A solid, heavy and acustically dead 50mm diameter brass pillar in combination with a 10mm aluminium plate for the tone-arm assemblage 

  • Separation of the two plinths with isolation that eliminates vibration transferation and which at the same time secures a firm connection between the plinths. This avoids individual plinth movement, by use of 3 ”Heavy Brass Feet” from the US manufacturer  Mapleshade Records. 

  • Secure the turntable from cavity vibrations with 4pcs. ”Discs of Silence” from the Swedish manufacturer Solid Tech

  • In case of Garrard 401 further improvement of the turntable is achieved by changing to ”Kokomo Hydrolic Spindle Bearing” from the German manufacturer Analogue Tube Audio. 

Our Idler Drive Principals: Om

Our Idler Drive Principals

Our constructional improvements boost the high-end idler drive turntables's musicality

and sound reproduction quality to a peak, rarely heard before! 

Lets talk about how you can get your hands on one of these babies... 

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