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Get Your Own Norco Idler Drive Turntable

Do you find our turntables interesting?

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... If so, contact us and we will guide you to a suitable solution and alternative according to your needs.

There are almost unlimited possibilities and variations to chose among to get the most suitable idler drive turntable. Before we give you our recommended package we therefore need some basic information about your situation and what you already have, so that we know where to start. 

Please, give us your answer on below questions and we will then give you our proposal(s) for the most suitable idler drive turntable:  

  1. Do you have an idler drive turntable already (Garrard 401 or Lenco L75/L78) or shall we find a deck for you?

  2. Shall we find a suitable tone-arm for you or do you already have a tone-arm that you wish to use with the idler turntable that we will build for you?

  3. Do you want us to include a suitable cartridge in the package?

  4. Give us your idea of how much you wish to spend on the turntable? 
    - Of course we will give you different solutions fitting your specific budget.

For suitable tone-arm and cartridge assembly we are closely working with Origin Live and Ortofon, their arms and cartridges fit the Garrard 401 and Lenco L75/78 very well. Unless you have other options, our proposed solution(s) will include suitable arms/cartridges from these two highly regarded manufacturers. 

Submit a request and from that we will give you our proposal on how to get your own

Norco Reference Turntable

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